Growing up, I could never stick to one interest long enough to see it through for longer than a few weeks. I have always been fascinated by so many different things and when the going got tough, I found something else to do, until now. With a passion for cinematography, editing, 2D and 3D artwork, and anything digital I can get my hands on, I want to just get out there and create!
I am a husband to a beautiful woman and an adorable baby girl. My wife and I are both young but so excited to get our lives started and see where the adventure takes us.

An ongoing project of mine is to record covers of all types of music I enjoy using an instrument you may not expect, the Irish Pennywhistle. My first completed song, The First Noel, is now on Spotify and I hope to keep adding more songs to this album and many more of other genres.
Photoshop Art
One of my creative outlets and hobbies is to use Adobe Photoshop to make composited art pieces. I learned how to do it by watching others do the same. Here are a few examples.
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